My Personal Experience With Bubblews

Bubblews is one of the highest paying writing websites on the Internet now but will the bubble eventually burst?

I always thought that I am the lucky few who will always get paid at Bubblews and I used to defend Bubblews against all naysayers and disgruntled members who didn’t get paid by Bubblews. Now, I’m in the same boat as them and have become one disgruntled member that wasn’t paid by Bubblews.

When I wrote about how Bubblews had failed to pay me, many members tried to calm me down and told me to be patient. Bubblews will pay. Just wait it out. But it’s already been over 30 days since my first failed redemption that I made on June

30th. And my July 9th redemption seemed to be heading that way too.

What really got me is that other Bubblews members who also redeemed on June 30th got paid but what about me? Have I done something to deserve this? Have I broken any rules? Not that I’m aware of.

This is really bothering me to no end. Bubblews never informs those who are not getting paid why they’re not getting paid. And any communication with their customer support fell to deaf ears. It’s as if they don’t even have anyone monitoring their support email inbox.

Even though I received an email saying that they had received my enquiry about my redemption, I still haven’t received any good or bad news from them. Nothing.

I’m really getting frustrated with this treatment. One Bubblews member told me to not get too emotional

and that missing one or two redemptions are nothing compared to the amount that we earn in Bubblews.

I know Bubblews pays very well but I can’t help thinking that Bubblews don’t pay some people so that they can pay others. It’s like a Ponzi scheme where you take money from a group of people so that you can pay others.

I suspect that for every person who gets paid in Bubblews, there will be three or four who are not getting paid. The person getting paid is receiving the money that the other three or four people had earned. Is this a good way to run a business?

I have since stopped writing for Bubblews and had deleted all my posts and just left six posts that are about Bubblews failure to pay me.

I hope that those people who are getting paid by Bubblews will continue to get paid. I have no hard feelings for them. I just hope that Bubblews will straighten up and get their act together because as it is they’re losing many good writers from how they run their business.

Article Written By UmiNoor

Been writing online since 2009 for several writing websites. Writing had always been my passion. And I just love to share any information that I find online and offline. Hope you enjoy reading my articles here at ExpertsColumn. Be sure to send a friend request to me.

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  • Sebastian Onciu  14-08-2014
    Abhi, you should continue there. Ever since last December, when I went back to Bubblews, I have received all the 7 payments I requested from Bubblews. As long as you respect the rules, you will get paid, that's a certainty for me.
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  • UmiNoor  09-08-2014
    Payment is pretty arbitrary over there. They choose who they would pay and who they won't pay. I hope you're in the group that will get paid. I don't know what to say. I've been there for a year and a half and had received over 40 payments; missing only twice. But this time, my redemption is way, way overdue. I don't think they're able to pay everybody.
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  • abhi_bangal  09-08-2014
    So, it means you still haven't got paid? Oh I am on $32 there and I don't know if I should continue or not. I will be wastng my time there if I am not paid. But what if it pays me? so, I have to take the risk???
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  • pruelpo  08-08-2014
    Your experience with bubblews is just one of the thousands complains that can be read across the net regarding Bubblews for non-payment. There is now a petition campaign against Bubblews for non-payment to its thousands contributors -  Now Bubblews has changed its interface including its TOUs and other rules and policies.  
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