The Reason Why Mylot Stopped Paying Its Members (just My Opinion)

MyLot had closed its earnings program many months ago and here's my opinion as to why MyLot had gone on this path.

I, like many other MyLot members, were really so disappointed to receive news regarding MyLot’s decision to end their earnings program. Some members had relied solely on MyLot as their source of income. And the news of the end of their earnings program must hit these members very badly.

Speculations as to why MyLot Stopped Paying

Some had speculated that MyLot had gone bankrupt and that Google had relegated its place into the scam world but in my most humble opinion, MyLot is still going strong financially otherwise it won’t be able to start a discussion forum that doesn’t pay members.

MyLot had

been around for more than seven years and in all those years, it had managed to compile over two million worth of content. In the beginning, of course, it had to convince people to provide content with a promise of earnings. MyLot paid and had always been timely in its payment. Hence, there had never been accusations of MyLot being a scam site.

Accumulated content

Now, that it had accumulated so much content and does so well in Google, it’s time for MyLot to cut loose all those people who had been helping them built their website. With much content on its website, MyLot does not need to pay people to provide content or traffic to the website. They can keep all the revenue. This latest move by MyLot had got nothing to do with sustainability or bankruptcy and in my opinion, has

everything to do with greed.

Who will still stay with MyLot?

I wonder if those people who are so proud of MyLot being a discussion forum and not a paid to post forum would still be hanging around MyLot now that the site is not paying. And all those members who claimed that they were there for the friendship and the knowledge, I wonder if they would still be posting now that MyLot is no longer paying. Time will tell.

As for me, I’ve left MyLot many months. I hadn’t found MyLot quite lucrative as another website that I had discovered.  I’m honest with myself and I will tell you that I was at MyLot just to earn. I appreciate the friends that I had made and the knowledge that I had acquired but I’m still online to make money. And if a site cannot pay me, why should I go back to the website?

I have so little time to spend online therefore, I have to make the most of the time that I have. I can only afford to spend time on websites that are able to pay me for my time.

Article Written By UmiNoor

Been writing online since 2009 for several writing websites. Writing had always been my passion. And I just love to share any information that I find online and offline. Hope you enjoy reading my articles here at ExpertsColumn. Be sure to send a friend request to me.

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  • xfahctor  18-07-2015

    It looks as if Mylot is going to restart the earnings program!! A couple discussion on it, one with a screen shot of a message leaked from an old admin.

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