My Experience Being A Citizen Of Empowr

Empowr is a social media platform that claims to pay its members for their activities on the platform. Below is my personal experience of using Empowr. I hope that my experience will help those who are thinking about joining Empowr.
My Experience Being a Citizen of Empowr
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Some of you may or may not have heard of the website Empowr. It's a social media platform where you can post your status, images, videos and blogs much like any other social media platform. The only difference is that Empowr pays you for these activities. And also Empowr has a Marketplace where its citizens, as the members are called here, can buy and sell products and services.

I joined Empowr in late January 2017 and I'm here to share my experience of being a citizen of Empowr so that if you're thinking about joining this website, you will have more knowledge.

Earning on Empowr

/> You can earn on Empowr by posting images, videos or updating your status and sharing other citizens' posts. However, how much you earn for each of these activities is not clear. You will receive a daily earning statement of how much you've earned. You will also receive USD20 upon joining. However, these earnings are not immediately available to you. You have to let it sit in your balance for 90 days before cashing out. But even after 90 days, you may not cash out your earnings because you need to pay Empowr fees for utilizing their Ad Credits. 

What are Ad Credits?
Ad Credits are given to you even if you don't ask for it. For each post you make and each listing that you submitted to the Marketplace, you will be utilizing Ad Credits meaning Empowr will advertise for you. You will then need to pay Ad Platform fees which is 2.9% of the Ad Credits that you have utilized. In order to cash out, Ad Platform fees and Ad Credits need to be paid.

Complicated Platform
Empowr is a very complicated platform or perhaps it was purposely made to be complicated so that people won't bother to read the Terms and Conditions. I took several months to fully understand the platform and as I started to

understand the platform, I realize that Empowr takes money from their own citizens to pay other citizens. If that is not a Ponzi scheme then I think Empowr is just scamming its citizens.

Using Earnings to Buy Products at the Marketplace
After realizing that I won't be able to cash out ever at Empowr, I thought that the best thing I can do is to earn money so I can buy the products at the Marketplace. And it worked for a while. I was able to receive quite a few products using my Empowr earnings. It's like receiving products for virtually free. But in a recent update, Empowr has changed its rules, yet again. The only way to have earnings for shopping at the Marketplace is to spin the Mission wheel which means that I may or may not get any earnings to shop at the Marketplace. Previously, you get money to shop at the Marketplace depending on your Power level. So, you automatically have money to shop. But with the recent updates, I have very little to shop. I have to depend on my luck with the spin of the Mission wheel.

I've now decided not to waste anymore time on the website. If I can't cash out and I can't shop, what is the point of spending time on the website? If you're still 

interested to join Empowr, be prepared to pay and pay. It's not a website for those without any money to spend. 

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