What I Learned From Mylot When It Closed Its Earnings Program

MyLot stopped its earnings program last year. And I want to share what I've learned from MyLot when it suddenly closed its earnings program.

MyLot is a paid to post forum. Members from all over the world joined MyLot mostly because of the earnings program. It’s very easy to earn and very enjoyable too. I think it was the first social network that pays its members to participate. I’ve learned a lot of things from MyLot because I got to know people from all over the world and the knowledge that they shared on this forum had enriched me.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

I admit that I’ve learned a lot of things when I was active in MyLot. I found out things that

I would never have discovered had I not join this truly awesome and unique site. And then when MyLot announced that it is stopping its earnings program, I learn a very important lesson and that is to never put all your eggs in one basket.

For those members who had relied solely on MyLot for their monthly income, this was truly bad news. As for me, I had other sources of income. Hence, when MyLot announced the bad news, I wasn’t really affected because I wasn’t earning that much from that site anyway. I had less than $2 in my account when MyLot stopped its earnings program.

Prerogative of a website owner

Another lesson that I’ve learned from MyLot closing down its earnings program is that a

website owner has a right to do whatever he wants with his site. He can start out with a paying website and decide within 24 hours to stop paying. And that is his prerogative.

Members have no say. Just read the TOS and every membership website will include the clause that the website owner has a right to change the terms anytime he want and you’ll see that MyLot doesn’t need to consult members in whatever decision that will be made. Members are really at the mercy of what a website owner decides to do.

Yes, indeed I’ve learned a lot from MyLot and for that I thank MyLot and I hope to never be in the position to be caught off guard when a website owner decides to turn a paying website into another clone of Twitter and Facebook.

I feel that if a membership website starts out paying their members, they mustn’t just stop paying altogether but rather give other incentives equivalent to what members had been used to. That way, members will still stay with the website.

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